Why Did God Choose You?

Tuesday Evening Keynote Session

God chooses and uses ordinary, mostly unimpressive people to do the work of His Kingdom. What are His motives and intentions for such a plan? How can it work? God does surprising things through such individuals. “The work God has called you to is not tough or difficult,” Dew said, “it is impossible.” Using such an approach, God astonishes people, brings Himself glory, and honors unworthy people whom He chooses to use (1 Corinthians 1:26-31).

1) God has chosen the “nothings” of this world (v.26-28).

2) God does that to humble the proud and glorify Himself (v.29)

3) God Himself is our source and our supply for all that we need (v.30-31).

Jamie Dew currently serves as the president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.